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 Miscellaneous Services Available Upon Request (prices subject to change):

Change Oil & Oil Filters

Gas Engine - Powerboats


$  65.00 *P/M

Diesel Engine - Powerboats

Hourly rate *P/M

Gas Engine - Sailboats $  60.00 *P/M
Gas Transmission $  65.00 *P/M
Diesel Transmission Hourly rate *P/M
Gas Generator $  85.00 *P/M
Diesel Generator

Hourly rate *P/M

Change Fuel Filters

Gas Engine


$  45.00 for 1 *P/M or

$  85.00 for 2 *P/M

Diesel Engine Hourly rate *P/M
Drain Antifreeze & Fill Closed System Hourly rate *P/M
Oil & Lube only - Alpha, Bravo, Volvo Penta Drives $  95.00 *P/M
Remove, Inspect, & Lube - Alpha, Bravo, Volvo Penta Drives $150.00 *P/M

Tune Up 4 Cyclinder - Gas

$125.00 *P/M

Tune Up 6 Cyclinder - Gas $150.00 *P/M
Tune Up 8 Cyclinder - Gas $175.00 *P/M
Tune Up Generator

$  95.00 *P/M

Other Miscellaneous Services Available:
Replace Belts Hourly rate *P/M
Replace Impellers  - Engine Hourly rate *P/M
Replace Impeller - Generator Hourly rate *P/M
Replace Rudder Packing $150.00 *P/M
Replace Shaft Packing $150.00 *P/M
Replace Strut Bearings Hourly rate *P/M
Remove & Replace Props $125.00 *P/R
Replace Batteries Hourly rate *P/M
Trailer - Summer Storage (Inside) $295.00
Personal Watercraft - Storage (Inside) $250.00
Boat - Summer Storage (Inside) $  28.00/Ft
Wash & Detail (Complete) $250.00 *P/M
Sand & Paint Bottom (based on size of vessel) call for quote

Machine Compound & Hand Wax Hull Sides or Topsides (based on size)

call for quote
Hand Wax Hullsides or Topsides  (based on size) call for quote
Deliver or Pick Up Boat from City & Indiana Harbors by licensed Captain


Labor Rate

$105.00 / Hr

NOTE: Harbor Calls (Labor begins when we leave MSC to when we return after servicing your boat)

$105.00 / Hr

        *P/M = Plus Materials   *P/M = Plus Chemicals   *P/R = Plus Repairs

Our Certified Mechanics can provide expert mechanical service for your engines, drives and auxiliary systems. We can perform Top Quality hull and topside repairs and have a body and paint shop that can accommodate yachts up to 65 feet.                                  


                                      We accept: